In 1866, Buena Vista Baptist Church was founded on Amile Plantation with Reverend Jack
Lee as pastor. Then, in 1871, Reverend Lee and the Buena Vista Baptist Church
members erected the first Buena Vista Baptist Church building.  Reverend Lee passed
away on April 27, 1885. At this time  Reverend Amond Green became pastor.  Pastor
Green remained until his death on November 11, 1909.         

Reverend  Henry Olen  became pastor in 1914.  He pastored until his death, February 4,
1928.   On June 18, 1928, Reverend Henry Tribit, Sr. was ordained  and installed as
pastor.  Reverend  Tribit  served for more than 45 years in this building.   In 1974, the
erection of a new edifice began.   The new building was  completed on July 27, 1975.
Reverend Tribit  remained for 12 more years.  

In 1986, Reverend Joseph Coleman, Sr. was ordained and acted as assistant pastor to
Reverend Tribit.   On February 27, 1987, Reverend Coleman was installed as the fifth
pastor with Reverend Tribit as Pastor Emeritus.   On November 24, 1987, Reverend
Tribit  passed away.  Reverend Coleman remains the current Pastor of the church.